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Craig Regelbrugge July 23 2019

On July 18, the U.S. House of Representatives voted to raise the $7.25 federal minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2025. The bill would increase the minimum wage in steps until it reaches the $15 level. After that, the wage floor would be indexed according to growth in median wages. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the bill would likely raise wages for about 17 million people, but may ...

Craig Regelbrugge July 23 2019

The Department of Labor (DOL) has posted on its website a copy of the long-awaited H-2A modernization proposed rule. The official version should appear in the Federal Register during the week of July 22.

The rulemak...

AmericanHort Contributor July 08 2019

The AmericanHort advocacy team was out and about during the month of June supporting our state association partners' key events across the country.

MNLGA Field Day | Glen Arm, Md.

We joined the Maryland Nursery, Landscape and Greenhouse Association at The Perennial Farm and Manor View Farm for MNLGA’s Summer Field Day.  Craig Regelbrugge gave an up...

Jill Calabro, Ph.D. July 08 2019

A collaboration of researchers, led by Dr. Karla Adesso at Tennessee State University, needs your insight into flatheaded borer impacts to production. To that end, they created a survey aimed at estimating the incidence and severity of flatheaded borers in fruit, nut, and ornamental tree and shrub production. Ideally, researchers are hoping to pinpoint gaps in management options to help stee...

Jill Calabro, Ph.D. July 08 2019

Preliminary results for honey bee colony losses for 2018-2019 estimate losses of 37.7% from October 2018 thru April 2019, the highest level of winter loss since the survey began in 2006-2007. Average reported survey winter loss rate is about 28.8%.

The Bee Informed Partnership manages this annual survey and did not yet offer speculation for the slightly higher than normal loss. A f...

Craig Regelbrugge July 08 2019

Local reports from Minnesota’s Twin Cities metro area suggest a cluster of I-9 audits affecting horticulture businesses is now underway, much like the June, 2018 audits and a high-profile raid that impacted businesses and workers in northern Ohio.  AmericanHort has collaborated with our Minnesota Nursery & Landscape Association partner to provide compliance advice.  Membe...

Craig Regelbrugge July 08 2019

With Congress returning from its July 4 recess, the House is expected to continue to focus on passing the annual spending bills that fund the federal government. While it may seem a bit like “groundhog day,” this process may determine how many seasonal H-2B visas are available next year.

On June 19, the House of Representatives passed an 

Tal Coley July 08 2019

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) issued a request for information last month to better understand driver detention times during the loading and unloading of commercial vehicles along with their impact on safety.

The request contains seven areas where FMCSA is looking for feedback, including topics such as what they should consider an estimate of reasonable lo...

Tal Coley July 08 2019

Senators David Perdue (R-GA) and Jeff Merkley (D-OR) introduced the Senate companion bill to the Agricultural Trucking Relief Act (S. 2025) at the end of June. The legislation specifically adds horticulture and floriculture to the definition of “agricultural commodity” ...

Chris Schulte June 28 2019

This memo was prepared by Chris Schulte, of the law firm of CJ Lake, LLC, who serves as AmericanHort employment law counsel. The following summary is intended to provide general guidance regarding investigations common to the agricultural workpla...

Joe Baer looks at how you can repurpose existing equipment in your store.

Mike Dobres of NovaFlora talks about Polymerese Chain Reaction

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Joe Baer takes a quick look at Digital Signage trends in retail.

What is SANC? It stands for the Systems Approach to Nursery Certification. Certification of nursery stock for intrastate, interstate, and international shipping has become increasingly challenging for industry and regulatory agencies due to higher shipping volumes, increasing regulated pest pressure, more rigorous shipping requirements, and dwindling resources. The National Plant Board (NPB) is...