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Tal Coley June 24 2019

AmericanHort has officially announced the Impact Washington Summit, which will be held on September 16-18 in Washington, D.C. Confirmed keynote speakers at this signature horticulture industry event include:
Andrew Wheeler, Administrator – U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Andrew Wheeler was confirmed the fifteenth Administrator of the Environmen...

Jill Calabro, Ph.D. June 11 2019

USDA, Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service, Biotechnology Regulatory Services (APHIS-BRS) has proposed revisions to current biotechnology regulations, which were established in 1987.  This marks the third attempt by USDA to alter these regulations, previously in 2008 and 2017; however, the proposals were withdrawn in the face of substantial pushback in public comments.

Craig Regelbrugge June 11 2019

On June 4, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 6, the American Dream and Promise Act.  The final vote tally was 237-187, with seven Republicans voting for the bill. Should t...

Craig Regelbrugge June 11 2019

In advance of the House Appropriations Committee’s expected consideration of the fiscal 2020 Department of Homeland Security appropriations bill, a bipartisan group of 58 Members of Congress sent 

Tal Coley June 11 2019

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) has delayed proposing changes to its Hours of Service (HOS) rules.  The changes, which were expected to be released on June 7 as a notice of proposed rulemaking, are still expected to be published during the month of June according to FMCSA officials.

The delay stems from the ongoing Office of Management and Budget (OMB) ...

AmericanHort Contributor May 31 2019

Terri Brown; Marketing and Member Engagement, AmericanHort, TerriB@AmericanHort.org 

As an attendee or exhibitor at a trade show or conference, social media can help you and your business in a lot o...

Craig Regelbrugge May 28 2019

AmericanHort joined Partnership to Protect Workplace Opportunity coalition colleagues in filing official comments regarding the exemption from overtime pay for certain Executive, Administrative, Professional, Outside ...

AmericanHort Contributor May 28 2019

USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service has just released its 2019 Floriculture Crops summary (2018 data), after a two-year hiatus.  The new report is available here.

Craig Regelbrugge May 28 2019

Employers continue to struggle with how to handle “no-match” letters from the Social Security Administration, as underscored in a recent article that appeared in the New York Times.  Just a reminder that AmericanHort has developed

Jill Calabro, Ph.D. May 28 2019

AmericanHort and the Horticultural Research Institute (HRI) need to better understand our stakeholders’ use of the following nitroguanidine neonicotinoids

  • Clothianidin (Arena)
  • Dinotefuran (Safari)
  • Midacloprid (Merit, Marathon, others)
  • Thiamethoxam (Meridian, Flagship)

We anticipate that the EPA will announce proposed ...

What does the new tax law mean for green industry businesses? Prominent agriculture accounting and business advisory firm, K-Coe Isom, will walk us through various aspects of the new tax regulations and what will impact horticulture industry businesses the most.

Presented by: K-Coe Isom, January 31, 2018

Ever wonder what consumers think when they shop for plants? We do! A team of researchers has been investigating the plant selection and shopping process for a few years with eye-tracking glasses. While we can’t hear what consumers are thinking (exactly), we can understand what they are thinking about by watching where their eyes travel. Dr. Bridget Behe will present key findings from rece...

Mobile tools boost business productivity by moving data entry staff out of the back office and onto more productive tasks. Mobile apps extend functionality to your team in the field and deliver real time data to your business. This webinar will provide you with an overview of 8 mobile tools that give growers an edge over their competition, lower labor costs, and streamline business. 

In this segment of Charlie's Angle, Charlie clarifies a couple of things from his mid-year economic outlook webinar and emphasizes that there is still time to make strategic investments in your business before the next economic downturn. These investments can be technology-related, of course, and what makes ...

Tom Buechel is a horticulture graduate with an emphasis in business and industry from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has spent the last 25 + years learning, planning, certifying, and executing advanced growing practices by developing unique systems and utilizing exemplary teamwork dedicated to prompting a green Earth. His passion, purpose, and adherence aim to enable green industry ope...

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Congress and the Trump Administration are calling for major tax reform. While any outcome is far from certain, AmericanHort is preparing. What are the implications for our premium member nursery growers, and espec...

A prediction revealed by the OMB Director a couple of weeks ago projected long-term, sustained economic growth of 3% in the economy over the next decade. Join Charlie as he explains what would have to happen for this prediction to actually come true. Charlie also rolls out his near-term recession forecast for the coming year.

Best Practices in Hiring and Firing
Presented on: June 14, 2017
Richard D. Alaniz | Senior Partner, Alaniz Shraeder Linker Farris Mayes, L.L.P

Have you ever regretted a hiring decision? How do you ensure that you select the right applicant when hiring? What do you do when you need to fire an employee? In this session, attendees will lear...

If you've already experienced or are at risk for exotic ambrosia beetle attacks, this webinar is critically important for management strategies and prevention measures that will ultimately impact your bottom line for better or for worse.

Exotic ambrosia beetles are among the most destructive pests of trees growing in ornamental nurseries and tree fruit orchards. Beetles tunne...

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What’s the latest news on boxwood blight? Boxwood blight is one of the latest scourges to impact the green industry, from nursery production to landscape maintenance & i...