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Tristan Daedalus June 03 2020

We mentioned in the last edition that USDA’s new Coronavirus Food Assistance Program (CFAP) didn’t yet extend relief funds to several agricultural sectors, horticulture included. To gather the information necessary to decide whether and how to tailor the program to additional sectors and offer this badly-needed assistance, the USDA’s Farm Service Agency has requested public...

Tristan Daedalus May 20 2020

On May 19, USDA announced its rule implementing the Coronavirus Food Assistance Program. The rule should officially appear in the May 20 Federal Register. A link to the rule language is available here.
The rule lays out USDA’s first step in providing direct payments to livestock, dairy, and specialty c...

Tristan Daedalus May 06 2020

The Wage and Hour Division of the Department of Labor is hosting a national online forum where employers and workers can share ideas about the challenges they face as the nation moves toward reopening business and positioning the economy for a strong rebound. Topics include:

  1. reopening businesses
  2. commuting safely
  3. working safely
  4. accommodating members o...

Tristan Daedalus May 06 2020

As several states begin taking steps to reopen their economies, AmericanHort is making available guidance and best-practices to assist owners in restarting public-facing operations. While federal and state agencies are making helpful information available, AmericanHort encourages all businesses to follow the guidance and regulations issued by their own state and local health departments.

Tristan Daedalus April 22 2020

As green industry businesses struggle to stay open among conflicting state designations of essential business operations, a key component of the effort is following the best available advice on workplace procedures to keep on-the-job employees and customers healthy. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevent...

Tristan Daedalus April 08 2020

The AmericanHort Coronavirus Resource Center, an industry-wide resource for the latest information on the ongoing response to the coronavirus global pandemic, is available to everyone. Please share this link with your staff, members, and industry partners.

Some recent updates include:

Tristan Daedalus March 17 2020

Business owners know that key to long-term business preparedness is certainty and a legal framework that can be understood and planned for. Increasingly, business owners across America with a passion for horticulture are facing legislative and regulatory uncertainty as state and federal governments and agencies reevaluate and revamp that existing framework.  Policy conversations can move q...

Tristan Daedalus March 11 2020

The AmericanHort advocacy community answered the call to get involved on two critical issues this past week—both met with success.

First, we posted an alert encouraging Representatives to join a letter asking that this year’s spending bills include language clarifying that horticultural crops are properly included in the Department of Transportation’s definition o...

Tristan Daedalus February 14 2020

By Tristan Daedalus & Jill Calabro, PhD

What is SCRI and what does it do?

The Specialty Crop Research Initiative, or SCRI, is a program housed in the USDA’s Nati...

Tristan Daedalus February 12 2020

Since the publication of the last edition, progress has been made in supporting Customs and Border Protection (CBP) personnel in their tireless work to inspect cargoes for invasive pests. The Protecting America’s Food & Agriculture Act of 2019 (S.2107/

Tristan Daedalus January 20 2020

The trucking sector has undergone several regulatory changes over the past few years.  Altogether, these changes have made shipping green products slightly more complicated.  AmericanHort has been on the forefront of this fight, working to make the regulatory environment cleare...

Tristan Daedalus January 14 2020

PlantPAC, the AmericanHort Political Action Committee, gives our industry access and a voice to support Congressional candidates that back pro-horticulture policies. The AmericanHort Advocacy and Public Policy Committee recently worked to prioritize our targets for support in 2020.

But before we can keep you in the loop, Federal law requires us to obtain prior approval from our mem...

Tristan Daedalus December 13 2019

AmeircanHort’s advocacy program grew by leaps and bounds in 2019 with new staff, new tools, and new outreach to members and officials alike. The results have been impressive— our members' input on federal legislation and regulations being sent directly to elected and cabinet officials, personal relationships built between our members and their elected representatives, and keepin...

Tristan Daedalus December 04 2019

Congress has a lot to do in the remaining 13 legislative days of 2019. Here’s a look ahead at the big issues you can hope to see this December.

Federal Government Funding

Absent additional action by Congress, funding for the federal government is set to expire on December 20. What we know so far isn’t much, but it’s telling. First, a full-year stopgap ...

Tristan Daedalus September 24 2019

An intimate dining experience at Washington, D.C.’s Brazilian Steakhouse Fogo de Chão marked the first in a new tradition at AmericanHort— a premier event bringing together our most dedicated advocates in the horticulture industry with elected officials who consistently show support for the nee...

Tristan Daedalus August 20 2019

By: Tristan Daedalus and Craig Regelbrugge

As we approach another election year, your support of PlantPAC is more important than ever. PlantPAC, the AmericanHort Political Action Committee, gives our industry a voice to support Congressional candidates that back pro-horticulture policies. Federal law requires us to obtain prior approval from AmericanHort members before inf...

Tristan Daedalus August 08 2019

The 2019 Impact Washington Summit is right around the corner and many are getting ready to make lasting connections in meetings with lawmakers and Congressional staff that can affect policy for years to come.  How do you make meetings like these, and with your own local government, as effective as they can be?
We’ve compiled the top seven most important tips for ...

Tristan Daedalus August 06 2019

No doubt you’ve seen the emails asking for your assistance encouraging a Member of Congress to take a stand on a piece of legislation or explaining the importance of an issue. Far from just another mass email, your action is the special sauce that makes our advocacy successful in Washington. In other words, we need your help.

With Congress debating agric...