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Jill Calabro, Ph.D. March 25 2020

Reports of impatiens downy mildew (IDM) have been surfacing, on common impatiens as well as one of the new IDM-resistant lines. It’s important to remember that the resistant lines are not immune and can still be susceptible if conditions are just right – namely cool, wet weather patterns and high disease pressure. Irrigation at night exacerbates the disease as well.


Craig Regelbrugge March 25 2020

A key element of our COVID-19 response effort at AmericanHort has been to support efforts to enable the horticulture industry supply chain to function as peak season arrives. Federal guidance from the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructur...

Craig Regelbrugge March 25 2020

President Trump signed the first coronavirus response measure (PL 116-123) into law on March 6. That law provided about $8 billion for immediate response efforts to the Health and Human Services Department, State Department, U.S. Agency for International Development, and Small Business Administration.

On March 18, the House revised and passed the “Families First Coronavirus R...

Tristan Daedalus March 25 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, and governments at all levels seek to respond, AmericanHort has launched a Coronavirus Resource Center which is being updated frequently as new information becomes available. Information on the site includes:

  • Business Operations and Best Practices
  • ...

Charlie Hall March 18 2020

In an age of tight margins, it is essential for firms to have full and accurate information about inflationary trends so that they can better understand the cost of operating their business for managerial decision-making such as SKU rationalization, customer profitability analyses, and determining the need for price increases. The use of the standard Producers Price Index (PPI) and

Tristan Daedalus March 17 2020

Business owners know that key to long-term business preparedness is certainty and a legal framework that can be understood and planned for. Increasingly, business owners across America with a passion for horticulture are facing legislative and regulatory uncertainty as state and federal governments and agencies reevaluate and revamp that existing framework.  Policy conversations can move q...

Jill Calabro, Ph.D. March 11 2020

An unofficial report announced that a single, adult spotted lanternfly was found on a tree in Davis, CA. The insect was found on a tree in a residential area near a hotel.

Last fall, California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) officials reported finding several dead adult spotted lanternflies on cargo planes arriving in Sacramento, Stockton, and Ontario airports. All fligh...

Craig Regelbrugge March 11 2020

When it comes to our advocacy and research agenda, AmericanHort is always keen to collaborate with others that share common interests. Two recent examples illustrate this well.

On February 26, AmericanHort was invited to brief and prepare leaders of the California Cut Flower Commission and American Grown Flowers before they headed to Capitol Hill for Congressional meetings. These g...

Tristan Daedalus March 11 2020

The AmericanHort advocacy community answered the call to get involved on two critical issues this past week—both met with success.

First, we posted an alert encouraging Representatives to join a letter asking that this year’s spending bills include language clarifying that horticultural crops are properly included in the Department of Transportation’s definition o...

Craig Regelbrugge March 11 2020

USDA’s Animal & Plant Health Inspection Service has announced roughly $70 million in funding for FY2020 projects focused on plant health and pest prevention. Included in the funding: $50,000 to the Horticultural Research Institute, the Amer...

Dr. Bridget Behe helps retailers construct a better retail environment and an easier shopping process for the consumer. She presents timely information to help Garden Centers with near-term options given the Coronavirus outbreak and IGC strategies for the new rules that may be legally or ethically in place. This webinar is the final in a 3-part series by Dr. Behe and has been modified to reflec...

More than half of all purchases at any retail outlet occur at the point of purchase, making displays critical elements in the purchase process. According to some studies, well-executed displays can increase sales by up to 300%. Dr. Behe will present findings from multiple studies, some of which utilize eye-tracking to follow the shopper’s gaze, to help retailers understand how to construc...

An in-depth look on how to increase sales by enhancing retail signage. 

New overtime laws go into effect in January 2020. In this webinar, Chris Schulte of CJ Lake LLC will discuss what to expect with this new law and share information to help you understand the common trouble patches and “gotchas” on overtime and exemptions in the horticulture industry.

A group of House lawmakers introduced a bipartisan agricultural labor reform bill on October 30. How does the bill address the current H-2A program? What options are available for existing workers without proper immigration status? What about enforcement provisions? And, where might there be room for improvement as the process advances?

Join our experts as we dive into the many dynamics driving change throughout the nursery industry. You'll hear from thought leaders like Kyle Daniels, Tom Buechel, Megan Abraham, and more! Learn how to better understand how to think and act progressively as a grower, how to find opportunity in pest and regulatory issues, how to navigate e-commerce shipping, and more.

Join AmericanHort Advocacy & Policy Communications Director Tristan Daedalus, Director of Government Affairs Tal Coley, K-Coe Principal Bryce Gibbs, and Smith & Howard partner Tim Howe for an in-depth discussion on the internet sales tax and what it has meant for businesses since the Wayfair decision last August.

AmericanHort + MPS present Spotlight on Sustainability with Chris McCorkle of McCorkle Nurseries Inc.

Glyphosate-based herbicides have provided efficient, safe and cost-effective weed control for more than 40 years, but recent reports and events have raised concerns over its safety. Come learn about the EPA’s position, the mountain of scientific evidence that supports its safety, and uses in the green industry, including the pro’s and con’s of glyphosate alternatives. Panelist...

How do you communicate the ROI of investing in biophilic design to your clients? How do you talk about your services and fees? What’s the value of broadening your design identity into a brand that includes science? How do you develop relationships with other building professionals and become part of an interdisciplinary team? How do you nurture an internship program?