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Ken Fisher January 17 2020

Welcome to 2020 – a New Year and a New Decade which promises great accomplishment and progress for our industry, our world…and ourselves! 

Like rings on a tree or the deepening lines on my forehead, we mark our time on ...

AmericanHort Contributor January 17 2020

New Year’s resolutions typically focus on healthier lifestyles, kicking bad habits, and ways to increase happiness.  Unfortunately, there’s a tendency to drop resolutions as quickly as they’re started – on average, most don’t make it to January’s end. 
K·Coe Isom tax advisors are putting an end to the resolution let-down ...

AmericanHort Contributor January 15 2020

Your digital edition of AmericanHort - 2020 Resource Directory is available now.

Craig Regelbrugge January 14 2020

USDA recently proposed to add new plant taxa to the list of plants regulated as Not Authorized Pending Pest Risk Analysis, or NAPPRA. The proposal includes 26 plant taxa as quarantine pests; and all subfamily Bambusoideae (bamboos), all Myrtaceae (to Hawaii), and 43 other plant taxa as potential hosts of quarantine pests. AmericanHort urges all interested in plant breeding and introduction to r...

Jill Calabro, Ph.D. January 14 2020

USDA, FDA, and EPA joined forces to launch a unified website for biotechnology regulation as part of an executive order to modernize the regulatory framework for agricultural biotechnology products.

The framework aims to cover the full range of plants, animals, and microorg...

Craig Regelbrugge January 14 2020

The new year began with some welcome recognition for our efforts and our team. First, the cover story of the January issue of GrowerTalks Magazine showcased the efforts of our Washington, DC staff team. Check it out!

Secondly, our very own research and science programs director, Jill Calabro, PhD, was presented the Ore...

Craig Regelbrugge January 14 2020

On January 6, the USDA Plant Variety Protection Office published a final rule implementing a provision of the 2018 Farm Bill addressing horticultural innovation. The new rule expands the Plant Variety Protection Act (PVPA), the framework under which seed-reproduced varieties are commonly protec...

Tristan Daedalus January 14 2020

PlantPAC, the AmericanHort Political Action Committee, gives our industry access and a voice to support Congressional candidates that back pro-horticulture policies. The AmericanHort Advocacy and Public Policy Committee recently worked to prioritize our targets for support in 2020.

But before we can keep you in the loop, Federal law requires us to obtain prior approval from our mem...

Tal Coley January 14 2020

The arrival of the year 2020 means that new federal overtime regulations are now in effect. The regulations touch on a number of areas — exemptions such as the “white collar” exemption, as well as bonuses and salary level thresholds. These new rules are quite complex and can be challenging to business owners trying to stay compliant.

Still unsure on some of these ...

Craig Regelbrugge January 14 2020

After the House of Representatives’ historic passage of a farm labor bill last December, is there a path forward? Maybe…

Over the course of the past year, AmericanHort has stayed in close touch with key Senate allies, keeping them apprised of the House negotiations. In December, as the House was preparing to vote, we and coalition allies stepped up Senate meetings.


An in-depth look on how to increase sales by enhancing retail signage. 

New overtime laws go into effect in January 2020. In this webinar, Chris Schulte of CJ Lake LLC will discuss what to expect with this new law and share information to help you understand the common trouble patches and “gotchas” on overtime and exemptions in the horticulture industry.

A group of House lawmakers introduced a bipartisan agricultural labor reform bill on October 30. How does the bill address the current H-2A program? What options are available for existing workers without proper immigration status? What about enforcement provisions? And, where might there be room for improvement as the process advances?

Join our experts as we dive into the many dynamics driving change throughout the nursery industry. You'll hear from thought leaders like Kyle Daniels, Tom Buechel, Megan Abraham, and more! Learn how to better understand how to think and act progressively as a grower, how to find opportunity in pest and regulatory issues, how to navigate e-commerce shipping, and more.

Join AmericanHort Advocacy & Policy Communications Director Tristan Daedalus, Director of Government Affairs Tal Coley, K-Coe Principal Bryce Gibbs, and Smith & Howard partner Tim Howe for an in-depth discussion on the internet sales tax and what it has meant for businesses since the Wayfair decision last August.

AmericanHort + MPS present Spotlight on Sustainability with Chris McCorkle of McCorkle Nurseries Inc.

Glyphosate-based herbicides have provided efficient, safe and cost-effective weed control for more than 40 years, but recent reports and events have raised concerns over its safety. Come learn about the EPA’s position, the mountain of scientific evidence that supports its safety, and uses in the green industry, including the pro’s and con’s of glyphosate alternatives. Panelist...

How do you communicate the ROI of investing in biophilic design to your clients? How do you talk about your services and fees? What’s the value of broadening your design identity into a brand that includes science? How do you develop relationships with other building professionals and become part of an interdisciplinary team? How do you nurture an internship program?


Quarterly webinars, exclusively available to AmericanHort Premium Members, provide the latest information in DC on pressing issues for our industry, led by AmericanHort’s Industry Advocacy & Research Team, Tal Coley & Craig Regelbrugge.

Dick Kramp, Founder & CEO of AB Greenhouse Power Netherlands will be presenting on growing crops with the highest possible yield and quality by creating the optimal environment in your growing facility through cogeneration. Well-integrated cogeneration, supplying heat, electricity, and CO2, can help you to achieve these goals for the lowest possible price.