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Capturing A Different Customer– The Curated Plants Program

2020 has been a year filled with challenges. Many are innovating by using this unique time to strategize on how the challenges they are faced with can turn into opportunities of growth for their company and clients alike.

But how do you do this and stay true to your current practices and accounts while also captivating and servicing your new customer base?

The Oakland Green Interiors team has done just that by rebranding to increase relevancy to new customers while still holding true to their passion and dedication to making working and living spaces healthier and happier for all.

Join AmericanHort as we uncover the details behind the Oakland Interiorscapes transformation. Genevieve Reiner Mills, COO of Oakland Nursery and Director of Oakland Green Interiors will be sharing the journey of rebranding, the development of their Curated Plants Program and how they are engaging the new customer base while staying true to their existing customers. Because it doesn’t always go as planned, she will reveal lessons learned and pitfalls to avoid to help those who are thinking of taking the journey of adding the plant parents to your family of customers.

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