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Garden Retail Innovation in 2020 – Key Learnings and Takeaways

This spring was a whirlwind for Garden Retail Centers as the industry quickly adjusted to market conditions and implemented new marketing techniques and new sales technology.

Join AmericanHort as Katie Dubow of Garden Media Group facilitates a diverse panel of retailers with different business strengths to share how they make innovative changes to accommodate “the new now”. The esteemed panelists represent a variety of business models and will dive into what they expect in the future marketplace may hold, and what innovation in areas like sales, marketing and other operations they plan to expand upon for next year. 

This webinar is designed to prepare you for Garden Retail education sessions that will take place during Cultivate’20 Virtual, providing a foundation of knowledge to build upon during Cultivate, and most importantly help you prepare for 2021 and beyond. You won’t want to miss it!
- Katie Dubow, moderator, Garden Media Group 
- Tammy Behm, Maypop, St. Louis, MO
- Jessie Jacobson, Tonkadale, Minnetonka, MN
- Benjamin J Polzin, Down to Earth Garden Center, Eau Claire, WI – 2019 Top 100 IGC

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