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Business Systems 101: What to Implement and How Your Business Can Benefit

Business software comes in many shapes and sizes, but how do you know what system is right for your company? In this webinar, learn the building blocks of business systems, the relationship between growth and complexity, how to know if your business is ready for a change, and the keys to a successful implementation. 

Presenter: Greg Lafferty, Senior Account Manager, Practical Software Solutions
Greg has been the senior account manager for Practical Software Solutions since 2003. A native of Concord, North Carolina, Greg grew up around agriculture as his family operated a dairy farm since 1908 and eventually the Cabarrus Creamery. With an aerospace engineering degree from North Carolina State University, Greg is more than just an account manager for Practical Software Solutions. He has helped numerous customers translate their needs and desires to the Practical development team, including the award-winning products Grower Vertical and Scan by Cart.

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