Bringing plants inside has been done throughout the ages, but interior plantscapers are constantly faced with different clients in different spaces with different needs. Perhaps if Corporate America had a few more office plants, they'd be a little happier and more productive? Our thoughts exactly. Resources for plantscapers include everything from technical training and advice to how to sell amazing projects with undeniable benefits.

AmericanHort Contributor December 02 2016

The federal Worker Protection Standard (WPS) protects agricultural workers and pesticide handlers from occupational exposure to pesticides. The responsibility for providing WPS protections rests with the employer. Horticultural growers are most affected by WPS compared to other less-intensive agricultural producers because they have more workers performing hand-labor with pesticide-treated plan...

AmericanHort Contributor September 07 2016

Growing Green was bursting at the seams; office personnel were crowded in the space we had occupied for the last 35 years. We had three warehouse spaces for our holiday décor and containers. We wanted a larger, brighter greenhouse, a fabrication room that wasn’t down the street, and a showroom to host events and clients. We loved and owned our beautiful building in Midtown St. Louis, but ...

AmericanHort Contributor September 07 2016

Whether you are selling business to business or direct to the consumer, finding just the right approach to the sale can be a little tricky. We recently asked some of our members for their best sales tips, and here’s what they had to say:
How do you successfully engage a prospective customer from the beginning of the interaction?
When working with a p...

Joe Zazzera September 07 2016

Last year, I had the opportunity to attend the first ever WELL Building Standard training at the Cleveland Clinic. Now, more than ever I am thrilled and have ignited passion for the future of our industry. I spent two days in training on the contents and requirements for the new WELL Building Standard. Along with 100 other participants, I learned about the science, which is the basis of the pri...

John Dole August 12 2016

Can you imagine a future without horticulture? We all know horticulture is essential to our lives, but did you know there are more jobs available in the industry than there is talent to fill them? One initiative is primed to change this.

Kathy Fediw August 12 2016

Nearly every business in the horticulture industry has a need to hire temporary or seasonal employees, depending on their “peak season.” The early and late spring planting season is peak for many garden centers, nurseries, growers, and landscape businesses. For interiorscapers, the holiday decorating season is usually the peak season, often requiring hiring additional labor to work ...

Craig Regelbrugge August 12 2016

Horticultural employers across America report that it’s tougher than ever to recruit, train, and retain a qualified and dedicated workforce. This is true for both entry-level laborers and supervisory or technical staff.
We can rant about many contributing factors: the lack of a well-developed work ethic in many young people; a too-generous social safety net that make ...

AmericanHort Contributor February 03 2016

By Mark Ostendorf

While my primary focus is blogging about interior living walls, I think it’s time to identify all the different green wall technologies that exist inside and out. Green wall industry experts actually have specific lingo for differentiating the categories and sub-categories of green walls. So here is a little vocabulary lesson to help you communicate clearl...

AmericanHort Contributor November 12 2015

Falls are the most common accident. How do you prevent falls in the workplace? Read this to find out what you can do.

Bernie Erven October 12 2015

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published in the Fall 2011 OPGMA Today.

“I dread job interviews.” Both job applicants and employers wanting to hire the right people sometimes mutter these words of frustration. The applicant suffers the pressure of finding a job that is a right fit or perhaps is desperate to find a job. Employers simply want to ...

AmericanHort + MPS present Spotlight on Sustainability with Chris McCorkle of McCorkle Nurseries Inc.

How do you communicate the ROI of investing in biophilic design to your clients? How do you talk about your services and fees? What’s the value of broadening your design identity into a brand that includes science? How do you develop relationships with other building professionals and become part of an interdisciplinary team? How do you nurture an internship program?


Take 20 minutes to learn some tips and tricks that take some stress out of poinsettia season from interior plantscaper, Vicky Cate, Evergreen Interiors.

Presented on October 17, 2018

Are your clients asking about moss walls? As awareness has grown, there has been an increased demand for moss walls in interiors. In this webinar you will learn basic moss wall considerations and techniques from Joe Zazzera, who has been building and installing moss walls for seven years. Learn about types of moss, adhesion, and framing as well as how to sell and pricing basics.

What’s eating your plants? Find out how to look for and identify the most common pests on indoor plants, plus a few rarities that can wreak havoc on your plants. You’ll see what these mites, insects, and other pests look like in real life – and up close under a magnifying glass or microscope. Learn where to look, which plants are most prone, the environmental conditions that c...

It’s the middle of winter, so how do I keep my plants and my clients happy? Join Vicky Cate to discover some very simple tricks that will make your clients think you are a magician and the most helpful person they know! You’ll learn how to keep a smile on your and your client’s face and how to keep your plants happy too!