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Evangelist of the curious; soldier in the face of Mother's Day weekend; seeker of awesome plants -- those are our retailers. Challenges in the retail world are as unique as geography and the customers that walk through your doors. That's why these resources cover the breadth of your questions, challenges, and needs to keep you informed, fresh, and going strong.

Davi Bowen January 14 2016

On January 13, by a vote of 253-166, the U.S. House of Representatives passed S.J. Res. 22, a Congressional Review Act Resolution of which would nullify the EPA/Army Corps Waters of the United States rule. The Senate passed the measure in November.

While President Obama will veto the resolution, the fact that both the House and Senate passed it sends yet another strong message to t...

Jill Calabro, Ph.D. January 14 2016

The EPA has released its preliminary findings on imidacloprid’s impact on pollinators, and when you dig deeper than the headlines and the hype, the news is not all bad. In fact, there are reasons to be cautiously optimistic.

Yes, imidacloprid has the potential to kill bees. That much is absolute fact and hasn’t changed. However, as we (including the EPA) all know, it ...

AmericanHort Contributor January 11 2016

by: Jennifer Noble

SHIFT Beginnings
In the fall of 2014, AmericanHort launched a research initiative known as the time as “The Future of Garden Retail.” It became immediately apparent, however, that this project went far beyond the scope of retail alone—it touched each and every part of our industry. It was also clear that the results of ...

AmericanHort Contributor January 11 2016

Compiled by the AmericanHort Staff and Floral Community Connectors

Valentine’s Day is coming soon, and in addition to selling products and ensuring you have everything you need on hand to fill orders, engaging and motivating your employees is key to your success this season.

Keeping employees motivated is a challenge every day, but especially during times of hi...

Craig Regelbrugge December 31 2015

On December 10, Michigan was host to a listening session of USDA's Specialty Crop Committee, a subcommittee of the National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and Economics Advisory Board. This listening session was held to elicit input from industry and state representatives, national organizations and institutions, local producers, and other groups interested in the issues with whic...

Craig Regelbrugge December 31 2015

The spending bill approved by Congress and signed by the President just before Christmas included several tax policy stocking stuffers. Thought not perfect, the tax package does include a number of provisions sure to be welcomed by horticulture businesses and their owners. Most importantly, the package made 22 of the extender items permanent, including:

  • Increased Section 179 direct ...

Davi Bowen December 10 2015

The IR-4 Project recently released crop safety summaries for three herbicides, Tower EC (dimethanamid-p), Dimension (dithiopyr), and Gallery (isoxaben). The IR-4 Project receives USDA funding and facilitates registration of pesticides for use on minor crops, including a special Ornamental Horticulture working group. AmericanHort has long advocated for the important work of IR-4, which has devel...

Davi Bowen December 10 2015

While the path a bill must follow to become a law seems a lot more winding and obscured than it used to, a number of pending bills are good ideas that deserve the chance to move forward. Below are a few examples of regulatory reform legislation that enjoys bipartisan support and that would be good for small business.

The Smarter Regulations Act
Introduced in the Sen...

Davi Bowen December 10 2015

The U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), part of the Department of Homeland Security, announced in the Federal Register on November 24 proposed changes to the I-9 Form. The proposed changes seek to reduce the commission of technical errors on the I-9 Form and increase functionality for customers.

  A 60 day public comment period will end January 25, 2016. To view the p...

Margery Daughtrey December 08 2015

Tobacco mosaic virus (TMV)

  • Very, very wide host range…but most problematic on the Solanaceae (most notably petunia, tobacco, tomato). Spread easily merely by handling plants, therefore sanitation is critical.
  • Petunia outbreak in 2014 was widespread because of contamination at the top of the production pyramid. Symptoms showed in very young plants...

Andy Bruney of T. Load Specialties will give insights and advice on the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate. He'll be explaining how these new regulations are impacting the logistics industry while also taking a closer look at the impact they have on the horticulture industry. This webinar is aimed to help shippers and receivers be more prepared for the upcoming season as motor carri...

Ever wonder what consumers think when they shop for plants? We do! A team of researchers has been investigating the plant selection and shopping process for a few years with eye-tracking glasses. While we can’t hear what consumers are thinking (exactly), we can understand what they are thinking about by watching where their eyes travel. Dr. Bridget Behe will present key findings from rece...

Customers have distinct buying motivations. Understanding these buying motivations is a key element of marketing, customer service, determining what products to offer, and so much more. Join Bill Calkins and Jennifer Noble as they walk you through how to understand buying motivations and create valuable customer profiles that fit your business and its customers.

Joe Baer looks at how you can repurpose existing equipment in your store.

Joe Baer takes a quick look at Digital Signage trends in retail.

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