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Evangelist of the curious; soldier in the face of Mother's Day weekend; seeker of awesome plants -- those are our retailers. Challenges in the retail world are as unique as geography and the customers that walk through your doors. That's why these resources cover the breadth of your questions, challenges, and needs to keep you informed, fresh, and going strong.

AmericanHort Contributor September 07 2016

It hardly seems possible, but Cultivate’16 is right around the corner, July 9-12 in Columbus, Ohio. Cultivate currently holds the ranking of number 132 on Trade Show News Network’s list of the top 250 trade shows (across all industries). With a trade show of this size and scope, this is a lot to see, so it’s important to make the most of your time.
Here are our tips for...

AmericanHort Contributor September 07 2016

Whether you are selling business to business or direct to the consumer, finding just the right approach to the sale can be a little tricky. We recently asked some of our members for their best sales tips, and here’s what they had to say:
How do you successfully engage a prospective customer from the beginning of the interaction?
When working with a p...

AmericanHort Contributor September 07 2016

It’s hard to believe that another California Spring Trials has come and gone. If you had a chance to attend this year’s event, you know that each stop was filled with fresh ideas, inspiration, and lots of excitement over what is to come in our industry. If you weren’t able to make it this year, allow us to share some of what we saw during our journey.

Jennifer Noble September 07 2016

Events can help you get the word out about your garden center, bring in new customers, and give you a financial lift during slower times.
When planning an event think about who the customer is that you want to bring into your business. Are you looking for an event that brings in a new customer? Are you looking to appreciate your best customers? Remember that customers have distinct buyin...

AmericanHort Contributor September 07 2016

Social media can be a powerful tool in promoting your business; however there is no one size fits all solution. This is especially true in the horticulture industry where there are different types of businesses with different target audiences (consumers, businesses, etc.). Each of these types will have a very different approach to social media including what to share, how to connect, and why th...

Jennifer Noble August 22 2016

Whether a customer comes into your garden center “just to browse” or with a specific purchase in mind, strategically incorporated impulse buys can enhance the customer’s experience and increase the sale. One of the nearly 30 insights resulting from the SHIFT research, “Opportunities for impulse buys should be strategically incorporated into a retail layout,” add...

Jennifer Noble August 12 2016

One of the core components of customer engagement is a high level of customer service. Traditionally we have trained staff to be sure to greet a customer with a warm smile and positive attitude, understand what their needs are and extend ...

John Dole August 12 2016

Can you imagine a future without horticulture? We all know horticulture is essential to our lives, but did you know there are more jobs available in the industry than there is talent to fill them? One initiative is primed to change this.

Craig Regelbrugge August 12 2016

Horticultural employers across America report that it’s tougher than ever to recruit, train, and retain a qualified and dedicated workforce. This is true for both entry-level laborers and supervisory or technical staff.
We can rant about many contributing factors: the lack of a well-developed work ethic in many young people; a too-generous social safety net that make ...

AmericanHort Contributor February 11 2016

As the pollinator health debate continues, declines in pollinator communities have been attributed to a number of causes, such as parasites and pathogens, exposure to pesticides, and lack of suitable food sources or nutrition. On the latter point, a group of scientists from the United Kingdom devised a method to quantify nectar resources across Great Britain and Wales from 1930 to 2007, and the...

Andy Bruney of T. Load Specialties will give insights and advice on the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate. He'll be explaining how these new regulations are impacting the logistics industry while also taking a closer look at the impact they have on the horticulture industry. This webinar is aimed to help shippers and receivers be more prepared for the upcoming season as motor carri...

Ever wonder what consumers think when they shop for plants? We do! A team of researchers has been investigating the plant selection and shopping process for a few years with eye-tracking glasses. While we can’t hear what consumers are thinking (exactly), we can understand what they are thinking about by watching where their eyes travel. Dr. Bridget Behe will present key findings from rece...

Customers have distinct buying motivations. Understanding these buying motivations is a key element of marketing, customer service, determining what products to offer, and so much more. Join Bill Calkins and Jennifer Noble as they walk you through how to understand buying motivations and create valuable customer profiles that fit your business and its customers.

Joe Baer looks at how you can repurpose existing equipment in your store.

Joe Baer takes a quick look at Digital Signage trends in retail.

This FREE 15-minute webinar is for cashiers, delivery staff, and all other employees that engage with customers in a non-sales related position. Learn how to push customer service skills to the max in 15 minutes.

This FREE 15-minute webinar is created specifically for frontline staff. This training will provide tips and actions that each employee can use to increase sales while ensuring a great customer experience.

This FREE 15-minute webinar is geared to managers and other staff in a supervisory role. This training will provide simple and effective ideas for managers to elevate the store and staff performance this season.