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Evangelist of the curious; soldier in the face of Mother's Day weekend; seeker of awesome plants -- those are our retailers. Challenges in the retail world are as unique as geography and the customers that walk through your doors. That's why these resources cover the breadth of your questions, challenges, and needs to keep you informed, fresh, and going strong.

AmericanHort Contributor January 21 2015

By Sean Barrett, Emily Brown, and Doug Sapp

Relieve stress, breathe better, and create a more personal, enriched environment. We’re not talking about the latest smart phone application; we’re talking about plants. The green things that never really say much but do so much. Of course, plants and their benefits are often overlooked. The challenge is finding a way to eng...

AmericanHort Contributor January 21 2015

By Mark Maloney

Mindset: Before we get to the customers, let’s start with us; we are selling flowers. We are in the business of gifts, smiles, and joy. There is no reason for us to be bashful about asking for a sale. The customer came into your store (or called it) looking to buy flowers. That’s all the justification you need to ask for money in return.

Mentally prepar...

AmericanHort Contributor January 21 2015

Bob Allen, President/CEO Dale Carnegie Training of Central Ohio

I afforded a quick nod to the middle-aged Spanish gentleman and his young family as I worked my way past them to our seats. The energy of our fellow West Virginia University fans negated the icy rain as I, my wife, my son and his girlfriend settled into our seats. Our focus was on rooting for our Mountaineers and keepi...

AmericanHort Contributor January 21 2015

Editor’s Note: Reprinted with permission from the American Floral Endowment

Claudio Pasian, Luis Cañas, and Beth Scheckelhoff
Current collaborators: Michelle Jones, Peter Ling, Francesca Peduto-Hand, Nancy Taylor, Tim Malinich, and Randy Zondag

The Floriculture Industry Roundtable of the Midwest (FIRM)...

AmericanHort Contributor January 12 2015

By Lauren Tuski

The surge of people moving in, clusters of colleagues, and frantic attempts to disengage from the push of traffic – this is the trade show floor, and for an introvert like me, it’s an overwhelming, chaotic, and disorienting mess. So what’s an introvert to do when all of the best career experts tell you that a successful career isn’t about t...

Charlie Hall January 12 2015

I understand why I should shop local, and I do. I’ve always thought locally-owned businesses add the flair, the uniqueness, the character, and the differences that make a community shine. Without them, one city is pretty much like all the rest.

I also understand the economics and the importance of spending local dollars in local businesses, and the value of those dollars recirculat...

AmericanHort Contributor January 12 2015

By Doug Sapp

AmericanHort has been involved with many consumer research initiatives. The majority of this research can be characterized as “quantitative” because it involves gathering and analyzing large quantities of statistical data in the search for new insights and trends. The current research project, Future of Garden Retail (TFOGR), approached consumer research ...

Mark Maloney January 12 2015

Here we are at the shop of America’s retail florist—where people come to express their emotions with flowers. The fountain of customized sentiments, where anyone can tell a family member, romantic interest, friend, or co-worker that:

  • You are important to me.
  • You are loved.
  • You are in my thoughts.
Great messages all. They keep our bonds ...

Craig Regelbrugge December 31 2014

With the arrival of 2015 comes the swearing in of the new Congress. With Republicans in control of both the Senate and House of Representatives, there is much pent-up demand for legislative action on many fronts, ranging from trade agreements to tax reform to Affordable Care Act relief. But, change is likely to be mostly slow and incremental, since it usually takes 60 votes to pass legislation....

Craig Regelbrugge December 31 2014

AmericanHort was officially launched at the beginning of 2014, and our industry advocacy and research team has been busy ever since. Here are just a few notable accomplishments in the months that followed:

  • A new farm bill. After a series of twists, turns, and a failed attempt, Congress finally passed a new Farm Bill in January. The bill features several extremely imp...

Join AmericanHort Advocacy & Policy Communications Director Tristan Daedalus, Director of Government Affairs Tal Coley, K-Coe Principal Bryce Gibbs, and Smith & Howard partner Tim Howe for an in-depth discussion on the internet sales tax and what it has meant for businesses since the Wayfair decision last August.

Glyphosate-based herbicides have provided efficient, safe and cost-effective weed control for more than 40 years, but recent reports and events have raised concerns over its safety. Come learn about the EPA’s position, the mountain of scientific evidence that supports its safety, and uses in the green industry, including the pro’s and con’s of glyphosate alternatives. Panelist...

Dick Kramp, Founder & CEO of AB Greenhouse Power Netherlands will be presenting on growing crops with the highest possible yield and quality by creating the optimal environment in your growing facility through cogeneration. Well-integrated cogeneration, supplying heat, electricity, and CO2, can help you to achieve these goals for the lowest possible price. 

This panel discussion is an opportunity to hear from garden center owners on their experience using the financial metrics discussed in the Industry Insider Report: Garden Retail Profitability like pricing...

Andy Bruney of T. Load Specialties will give insights and advice on the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate. He'll be explaining how these new regulations are impacting the logistics industry while also taking a closer look at the impact they have on the horticulture industry. This webinar is aimed to help shippers and receivers be more prepared for the upcoming season as motor carri...

Ever wonder what consumers think when they shop for plants? We do! A team of researchers has been investigating the plant selection and shopping process for a few years with eye-tracking glasses. While we can’t hear what consumers are thinking (exactly), we can understand what they are thinking about by watching where their eyes travel. Dr. Bridget Behe will present key findings from rece...

Customers have distinct buying motivations. Understanding these buying motivations is a key element of marketing, customer service, determining what products to offer, and so much more. Join Bill Calkins and Jennifer Noble as they walk you through how to understand buying motivations and create valuable customer profiles that fit your business and its customers.

Joe Baer looks at how you can repurpose existing equipment in your store.

Joe Baer takes a quick look at Digital Signage trends in retail.

This FREE 15-minute webinar is for cashiers, delivery staff, and all other employees that engage with customers in a non-sales related position. Learn how to push customer service skills to the max in 15 minutes.