Florists have seen waves of change over the past century, and the tempest isn't likely to stop. But when consumers think "horticulture," florists are on the frontline representing the entire industry. Expand your knowledge, learn from peers and experts, and be empowered with resources tailored to you.

AmericanHort Contributor May 21 2013

Sid Raisch: Are You Selling Stuff or a Solution?
Selling stuff, demeans your products, and sends your customers price shopping. Selling solutions - identifying the value and experience your customers get from using your products in their gardens, their homes and making them part of their lives - creates perceived value. You can turn that perception into profit with higher p...

AmericanHort Contributor May 21 2013

Sid Raisch: Aligning Your Staff for Profit
Does your team think that profit equals markup? How would they change the way they do their jobs if they knew that you don't pocket 50 or 60 cents on every dollar that hits the register? Sid explains to you, and your team, the real costs of running a business.

AmericanHort Contributor January 09 2013

ANLA and OFA have received reports suggesting that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) might be stepping up audit activity of employers in our industry. As is the case with other types of government audits like wage & hour and I-9 audits, there are general good practices to follow. Each case also has unique facts and circumstances, so it is important to seek and follow good professional advice.<...