Florists have seen waves of change over the past century, and the tempest isn't likely to stop. But when consumers think "horticulture," florists are on the frontline representing the entire industry. Expand your knowledge, learn from peers and experts, and be empowered with resources tailored to you.

AmericanHort Contributor August 06 2015

By Bridget K. Behe

More than half of all purchases are impulsive or unplanned. So, what happens on the retail sales floor is of vital importance to the garden center’s (and grower’s and wholesaler’s) bottom line. It’s also true that if a product goes unseen, it will most likely go unsold. So there is a lot at stake to capture consumers’ attention on ...

Bernie Erven August 06 2015

Why hiring managers are taking a closer look at association job boards.

Recruiting is one of the most important things that any organization does. Although the methods of recruiting have rapidly evolved over time, the underlying strategies are still the same. It is often a challenge for employers to find a recruitment method that can help them find good ca...

AmericanHort Contributor August 03 2015

By Bridget K. Behe

The times, they are a changing and so should our businesses! Change may not come easy to any size firm, but there are seven principles every organization should follow to become a lean, mean, profitable machine. These seven principles can be adopted by businesses of any age or any size to improve their financial sustainability.

1. Plan, do, e...

Joy Gendusa August 03 2015

You can get by as a florist selling to individuals and wedding parties, but there are bigger fish to fry in your pond if you have the drive and marketing savvy to land them. I’m talking about businesses like hotels, restaurants, etc.

Many businesses, including hotels and restaurants, use fresh flowers to add atmosphere to their space. Think about it: they have to get those ...

Joyce Weiss, M.A., CSP August 03 2015

by Brian Kight

100 percent of decisions are emotional. People think rationally but they act impulsively. It's a good rule to remember next time you're trying to sell something or influence someone. People usually follow their strongest internal feeling despite their rational understanding. 

Overcoming this begins with self-awareness. For example, think of your ...

Bernie Erven June 29 2015

By Jeffrey Scott

To become a destination company that attracts and retains the best employees, you need to embrace the ABR concept: Always Be Recruiting. You wouldn't build a marketing plan that only swung into action when you ran out of customers. By the same token, you don’t want to build a recruiting plan that only swings into action when you run out of talent. This article is a...

Craig Regelbrugge May 04 2015

AmericanHort joined the Society of American Florists to submit formal comments emphasizing horticulture’s science-backed position that Ralstonia solanacearum, Race 3, Biovar 2 (R3Bv2) should be rem...

AmericanHort Contributor April 27 2015

By Brian Kight 

Some people still see talent and intelligence as the defining keys to success.
In reality success has very little to do with your talent and everything to do with your emotions.

Talent is everywhere. Knowledge is easily attainable. It's readily available whenever and wherever you want it. Self-awareness on the other hand is much m...

AmericanHort Contributor April 27 2015

By Tom Borg

There was a study about customer satisfaction that was conducted by a research group. The results were so startling that it quickly became obvious that the outcome could apply to all types and sizes of businesses and organizations, including the green industry. The study centered on what customers really want to know about the people from whom they are buying.

AmericanHort Contributor March 16 2015

By Tom Borg

Editor’s Note: This article first appeared in Irrigation Green Industry Magazine.

Why is it so hard for a small business owner in the green industry to delegate some of his or her responsibilities? When you stop to analyze what it took to get them to where they presently are, it is easy to understand.

First, in order for any small b...