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Many got into this industry because of a passion for plants, not a passion for business. But just because you don't call yourself business-savvy now doesn't mean you can't get there. Everything from marketing to finance, HR to succession planning -- if it's got to do with management and keeping the doors open, we got it.

Craig Regelbrugge November 05 2018

On November 1, AmericanHort hosted a webinar featuring several Department of Labor, Wage & Hour Division (DOL-WHD) officials.  As you may recall, DOL-WHD announced earlier this year a special “compliance and enforcement initiative” targeting the Landscape sector, and specifically, users of the H-2B temporary and seasonal visa program.  

Craig Regelbrugge September 18 2018

The landscape sector’s H-2B visa program users are being targeted for a U.S. Department of Labor-Wage & Hour Division (DOL-WHD) compliance enforcement and outreach initiative, according to an agency announcement

AmericanHort is in communication with the DOL-WHD on compliance ...

AmericanHort Contributor April 03 2018

It started with a Dutch auction side project of green industry professionals more than twenty years ago, and quickly flourished into an international organization founded by growers, for growers, with one common mission: sustainability.
MPS (More Profitable Sustainability) was founded in 1995 in the Netherlands. It grew out of a small project with a Dutch auction to address...

Craig Regelbrugge March 27 2018

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) has announced the long-awaited rule to restructure its regulations for importing “plants for planting” (basically, living plants and propagative material). The rule takes effect April 18.
Pursuant to the rule, APHIS will consolidate general requirements for importing pl...

Tal Coley January 30 2018

With tax season already in full swing, AmericanHort will be hosting a webinar entitled “Comprehending the New Tax Law” today, January 31st at 3:00 PM EST to discuss changes in the tax code that affect our industry. This is part of a larger organizational initiative in 2018 to help the industry perform better, grow faster, and prepare for the future.

Craig Regelbrugge January 16 2018

Amidst a series of bipartisan White House-convened meetings to pursue a deal on border security and a solution for the roughly 800,000 young people brought to the U.S. as minors and protected from deportation under President Obama’s so-called DACA program came a disparaging comment from President Trump. He questioned aloud why America would want immigrants from some less-fortunate nations...

Tal Coley January 03 2018

Congressional Republicans and the Trump Administration left town on a triumphant note in December as their tax reform package passed both chambers during the last days of 2017. The passage of the bill marked a high-water mark for the first year of the Trump administration, as President Trump

Craig Regelbrugge November 06 2017

The latest immigration policy showdown is unfolding this week. The Department of Homeland Security is expected to announce as early as November 6 whether or not it will extend “temporary protected status” (TPS) for over 300,000 individuals who fled natural disasters or human conflict in El Salvador, Honduras, Haiti, and Nicaragua. The Central American TPS designations have been in p...

Craig Regelbrugge November 06 2017

On October 25, the House Judiciary Committee approved H.R.4092, the Agricultural Guest Worker Act (AG Act), on a close 17-16 vote. A separate bill called the Legal Workforce Act was also approved. It will mandate that all employers use the E-Verify program within three years to electronically verify work eligibility at the time of hire.
The Committee’s action was just...

Tal Coley November 06 2017

House Republicans released the details of their tax reform plan on November 2, setting off an array of analysis and opinions as varied as the current political scene in Washington, D.C.
The 429-page plan, estimated by the Chairman of House Ways and Means to cost $1.5 trillio...

A prediction revealed by the OMB Director a couple of weeks ago projected long-term, sustained economic growth of 3% in the economy over the next decade. Join Charlie as he explains what would have to happen for this prediction to actually come true. Charlie also rolls out his near-term recession forecast for the coming year.

Charlie's Angle - Time to Make Hay! -- Spring Outlook for the Green Industry
With executive orders flying off the President's desk at record pace, there are interesting ramifications (and tradeoffs) that result. Join Charlie as he discusses the green industry outlook resulting from the interest rate increases coming down the pike, current labor situation, and the pace of housing ...

In May 2016 the U.S. Department of Labor issued a final final rule doubling the salary level for "white collar" employees exempt from overtime pay, as well as the role of the overtime exemption for agricultural workers. We will discuss efforts to block the new overtime rule and possible strategies for employers to comply with the rule when it takes effect on December 1, 2016. From the...

Charlie Hall is back, and he's taking a look at how contingency plans can prevent crisis in business life and how having the right team can help prevent and adapt to economic downturns.

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