We're In Your Corner

Laura Kunkle July 07 2016

In the movie “Rocky,” Mickey was the trainer who helped prepare the title character to be successful in the boxing ring. Mickey was important in Rocky’s development as a fighter – and as a man. Mickey was “in his corner” in both the boxing ring and in life – to help prepare him for the fight, to help him up when he stumbled, and to celebrate his wins.
That’s what AmericanHort is here for too – to prepare you, to support you, and to celebrate you. We’re “in your corner,” so to speak – and thus the name for this blog. “In Your Corner” was inspired by our bi-weekly “Washington Impact” e-newsletter. In it our talented team in D.C., Craig, David, and Jill, shares important information coming out of the nation’s capital on the regulatory, legislative, and research fronts.
This blog will periodically take a topic from Washington Impact and “break it down” to explain why it matters to you, your business, and your industry. Whether a grower, a retailer, an installer, or a supplier to the industry, what happens in Washington impacts you. My goal is take the sometimes complex happenings in the legislative and regulators arenas and explain them in such a way as you’ll better understand why it matters to you.
Why Me?
So why am I the lead blogger? Well, someone’s gotta do it so it may as well be me. I’ve been at AmericanHort for 18 years so I’ve seen big changes in the industry and at the association. I like politics and try to stay informed, though I’m not a political junkie by any stretch. I’m a Midwestern gal with Midwestern sensibilities, so I see things from a perspective that may differ from those living and working in the Washington, DC “bubble.”
This doesn’t mean I’m the only one blogging. We’ll have guest bloggers, including those very people who live and work in that DC bubble I mentioned. Our DC team is smart – really smart – and they have important things to share so I’m going to let them from time to time.
My Promise to You
Look, I don’t know exactly where this blog is going to lead, but I have to start somewhere. Here is what you can count on from me:

  • It won’t take long to read a blog post – a couple minutes at most. You’re busy, I’m busy.
  • I won’t blog unless I have something to write about.
  • My personal political leanings will remain private. If you know me personally, you likely know where I fall on the “left to right” scale, but you won’t know it from reading this blog. My goal is simply to break down politics a little bit at a time so you’ll understand it better.
  • The tone of each blog could vary, so be prepared for anything. I could be serious, humorous, snarky, or sarcastic depending on the topic, the day, or even the paragraph.
So there you have it: the first “In Your Corner” blog. Check back to see what’s happening here, and feel free to comment if you feel so inclined. But let’s all play nice with one another – it’s okay to disagree, but we can do so with respect and the willingness to keep an open mind.