EU to Ban Import of High-Risk Plants

Jill Calabro, Ph.D. January 08 2019

Effective December 2019, the European Union has announced a ban on the importation of certain plants deemed as high-risk ornamentals in relation to risk of pest introduction. So far, banned plants include the following genera: 

Acacia, Acer, Albizia, Alnus, Annona, Bauhinia, Berberis, Betula, Caesalpina, Cassia, Castanea, Cornus, Corylus, Crataegus, Diospyros, Fagus, Fraxinus, Hamamelis, Jasminum, Juglans, Ligustrum, Lonicera, Malus, Nerium, Persea, Populus, Prunus, Quercus, Robinia, Salix, Sorbus, Taxus, Tilia, and Ulmus.

The ban will...

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