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In the Ring with Boxwood Blight: A Research & Regulatory One-Two Punch

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What’s the latest news on boxwood blight? Boxwood blight is one of the latest scourges to impact the green industry, from nursery production to landscape maintenance & installation and even retail garden centers. While not yet confirmed in all contiguous states, boxwood blight has been positively identified in 23 states; the latest being Illinois.

Join AmericanHort and HRI for a webinar where you can learn how to protect your business. This session will highlight the latest research and regulatory efforts, including how you can safeguard against accidental introductions.

Presented By:
Dr. Chuan Hong, Virginia Tech | Dana P. Rhodes, PA Department of Agriculture | Dr. Jill Calabro, AmericanHort
​Originally Presented: March 30, 2017

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