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Strategic Planning for Transformational Success

ACHIEVE YOUR BEST YEAR EVER WITH PROVEN AND LASER FOCUS. Most leaders spend their time reacting to opportunities, problems and fires––and they end up over-working, mis-spending their resources, and wildly under performing. The typical privately held company only reaches 50% of its true potential, and often much less! Is any of this happening at your company?

To reach your full potential, you need to create a focused strategic roadmap and learn how to take massively focused action! This webinar will show you how to build and successfully implement your strategic plan—and enjoy profound success this coming year.  Learn how to:
  1. Conduct your strategic planning session to gain everyone’s buy-in
  2. Use Jeffrey Scott’s powerfully simple outline to create an effective and compelling focused plan.
  3. Keep the entire company laser focused on implementation through out the year.

You will also learn:

  1. Why most strategies fail, and how to avoid the flat tires, potholes and dead ends.
  2. How to keep your strategy organic.
  3. How to leverage your strategy to create your action plan.

Jeffrey Scott, MBA, author, coach and Hall-of-Fame Consultant, is the expert in growth and profit maximization in the green industry. He grew his landscape company into a successful $15 million multi-discipline enterprise, and he's now devoted to helping others achieve profound success. He has consulted with over 200 green-industry companies and facilitates the largest landscape peer group network of business owners in our industry: The Leader’s Edge. His members achieved a 27% profit increase in their first year.  To learn more visit www.GetTheLeadersEdge.com. 

Presented By: Jeffrey Scott
February 7, 2016

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